202 - in the mean time.

I can't say this is not being an interesting year. So far, so good.

Scottish visits, snow, europe and quiet time at my village. And I still got loads planned. I'll do another little trip up north in less than a month. However, I want to confess that I've decided to start taking things easy as plans were beginning to overwhelm me.

Despite of applying for a couple of internships abroad, that didn't go as planned. Therefore, I think I might stay in Spain for the time being. It may be the time for a big change soon, but I'm still trying to make my mind about some future decisions. Sometimes I feel that if I stay still, I just go completely nuts.

Have you noticed how fast time goes by when you get older? I have ; ) So I will try to take my time to enjoy little pleasures while nothing truly remarkable happens.

credits: picture by sarah bahbah.

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