194 - easter holidays.

 Hi there! 

Here I am. I just came back from a trip to Amsterdam and Brussels and I have tons of pictures and videos to edit. I will also prepare a little summary of our crazy holidays which have been too intense and chaotic.

Now I am going to spend some more days here in the city and then I will go for a day to my mum's village to eat lamb with the family. 

Sounds fun to me ; ) See u later alligators! xx.

credits: snapshots taken and edited by me.

193 - forever tantalized.

Days keep passing by...

Can't wait for this week to finish as the second half of March really looks promising. No school, no duties, some travelling and a concert. Could I ask for anything else? Possibly yes, but I'm happy for now.

During these past two weeks I haven't been doing much as I am trying to save money (don't think I've been completely successful at it, though). However, I found some time to assist to a tv programme studio as part of the audience, to have some drinks with my friends, and also dinner with relatives... just the usual stuff.

I know I haven't share anything interesting for a while,
but hopefully that will happen soon : )