192 - eunoia.

Hi there! 

Not much to share here. I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed with social network and media, so that's maybe why. 

However, I am already focusing on Spring Break which makes me feel really exited. I am always happy to escape for a few days from the capital, as you will know by now, fresh air always helps my brain.

On the other hand, awards season is in full swing. So, I have been spending quite a long time watching movies this week. Up to now (I haven't seen them all yet), I can't say any of the nominated movies is truly impressive (maybe just The Revenant and that's just because of Leo). Irrational Man (Woody Allen's latest film) didn't get any nomination (booohoo!), I did like this one better than any of his other recent movies, but hey ho.

Last but not least, cold is finally here slapping our faces. Jumper season is probably my favourite. Extra blankets and scarves are absolutely welcome. Hope to see you all sooner rather than later!

credits: both pictures taken and edited by me.

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