250 - porto.

Together with Lisbon, Porto was one of my favourite cities of this trip. It was the end of our trip, I have a few tiles pictures ready to share with you and of course the go pro video. 

All in all, it was an amazing trip in which we got the chance to discover our neighbour country.

Now, I can say I've done a couple of road trip through Portugal (Algarve and Lisbon to Porto). It is a beautiful country full of contrasts and surrounded by lovely nature. You must visit it if you can ; )

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

249 - Aveiro.

After Islas Berlengas and Peniche we went to Coimbra (I don't have any photos from this city though) and then Aveiro. We did some paddle surf in the Ría da Aveiro and enjoy some beach team!

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

248 - peniche and islas berlengas.

After visiting Sintra we headed Peniche. We slep there for a day and we visited Islas Berlengas. The weather was chillier than we expected. But we forced ourselves to swim in the beautiful crystal clear water. Completely worth it!

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

247 - sintra.

Second stop was Sintra. Quite a touristic place... I wouldn't recommend going in summer due to the long cues and big crowds of people (it was even difficult to take good pictures there). The castles and palaces are absolutely beautiful but you will need to be very patient. I would like to come back and visit the Pena Palace, as we just visited The Quinta Regaleira.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

246 - cascais.

Our first stop was Cascais. We spent there a whole afternoon lying on the sand and drinking some Superbock beer. I wish I was there just now ; )

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

245 - lisbon, time out.

A place worth eating in Lisbon is Time Out, a food court located in Lisbon's historic market hall – the Mercado da Ribeira – . You can find 35 permanent stalls from some of Lisbon’s most popular food shops and restaurants. A good stop to get some wifi and rest, as summer in Lisbon can be completely sofocating.

I wouldn't say it's cheap but I would recommed it to anyone.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

243 - lisbon at night, pt 2.

These are probably my favourite from the whole trip!

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

242 - lisbon black and white, pt 1.

During the last week of August I took a road trip through Portugal. The starting point was Lisbon and then we drove up until we got to Porto doing one day stops in some villages. I will show you some of the pictures of the different places we visited. Hope you enjoy them!

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

241 - just one.

It's been a while since I don't update (and the worst thing is I have some content to share, including pictures and a video). But since I came back to work from holidays I have been busy as fuck. Not just with work and studying but also with some house issues. 

Hopefully, I will have some time for fun in less than 2 months (or not, whatever).  This is year doesn't sound like fun to me at all! But hey ho.

I will try to show you my pictures from my latest trip to Portugal the following days, so stay tunned, cause I'm back to life : )

credits: picture from pinterest.

240 - mauerpark and some snapshots.

On Sunday, we went to Mauerpark and Treptower park. I just have these pictures left to show you.

And this is all the content I have for Berlin. Next step is Portugal   : )

There are some many things going on in my life now, so I'll take it easy, but all the photos and videos are already edited and ready to share.

I'm back to work, so no more fun for now ; )