181 - new year's resolutions.

How unsatisfying it is to be someone you are not. This is probably one of the most interesting things I've realised over the last couple of years.  That's why each January is the perfect time to better yourself or to become more yourself in some way. Let's stick to the traditions and make a little exercise of self-reflection. What aspects of my life could I change in order to be happier?

1. Less multitasking and more focusing on just one thing: My attention span has become shorter and shorter… I often find myself doing three different things at the same time... like for example looking at three different screens at once, and of course, as a result, I don't truly drown in anything and I don't get anything done quickly, not to mention all the things that I miss around. Therefore, I am ready to  say goodbye to those days.

 2. Less judgment and more acceptance: I can't help myself but sound rather judgemental towards others. I tend to judge people when my desires or expectations aren’t met which is quite unfair. I need to remember that I cannot possibly know the whole story, and I promise trying my criticism to stop. Live and let live and direct my thoughts towards positive feelings.

3. Less social media and more reading: I really love to observe what others are doing around me, and it is quite scary how people can't get their noses away from their screens. As for me, checking social media is costing me more time that it should, which makes it more and more difficult to do things that I really love doing (as for example, reading). It is true that I try to avoid using the phone when I'm out but still... I think I could reduce the time I'm online even more (and yes, that includes using whatsapp...).

So these are my new year resolutions! Have you thought about yours?

credits: picture taken from interest.


  1. Very good reflections, btw. Recently someone told me that is untrue that people do not have time, what you (everybody) need(s) is to get clear on your(their) own priorities. That's the hard step. And almost everything required to go from A to B is inside ourselves, depends on us.

  2. Totally agree! And travel, travel with you : )