172 - toulouse at xmas time.


Do you know those silly people who love christmas?

Well, I am actually one of them. And it isn't about shopping or presents, if you know what I mean. In Christmas time, weather starts getting chilly, there are christmas lights everywhere, streets smell like roasted chestnuts and you can see little kids smiling all around. It is also a time when I can meet all my relatives and have nice food and drinks while summarising what we have been up to during the last couple of months. Partying is also quite fun and the only time of the year in which drinking bubbly drinks feels appropiate (I don't consider beer to have bubbles, lol).

Anyway, you already know that night photography is not my cup of tea.
But here you have some of the pictures I took. Hope next ones will be better ; )

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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