171 - bonjour.

Been disappeared for a while. This week was completely overwhelming many things to do and many feelings to deal with, but now I am finally relieved, oh well, at least for the time being ; )

During December long weekend I took a flight to Toulouse. I went there to visit my friend's sister. It was a super nice trip. We spent our time visiting little beautiful villages, eating super tasty food and drinking lots of wine and gin.

Arancha (who I know she will be reading me, xoxo) is always a lovely companion to travel with as she is always up for everything and she is always in a good mood. A year ago (more or less) we were walking out and about in London enjoying the christmas atmosphere, so it was quite fun to visit a new city around this dates again. Hopefully, we will arrange something for next year too.

Anyway, here you have a couple of snapshots we took during our stay in Toulouse and I will be soon sharing more pictures and of course the go pro video I edited for the occasion.

Ps. it feels quite nice to have the time to share a few words here.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.


  1. This is life, for sure. Actual life. Glad to read it.

  2. I've been quite busy those days, but now I'm back! You know I'm your super fan; reading your blog, travelling with you... no words to describe! Super proud of you, amiga! Thnx for this moments collection together!

    PS. I'm going to stole you this pic and print it, I really like it!