154 - weekend fun.

Last two weeks have been absolutely madness. Good fun though. Working non-stop at the school and getting everything ready, meetings and more meetings... pretty intense, but rewarding!

Now, let's talk about weekend entertainment. This past Thursday, I went to VFNO with a bunch of pretty ladies, it was a little bit disappointing and we ended up eating pizza and drinking beers (which is good too). On Friday, I had a little bday celebration of one of my besties, so we just prepared a kind of romantic dinner and went out for beers. On Saturday, I went to Madrid city centre for a quick tapas tour and then I assisted to Dcode festival and enjoyed some concerts (Foals, Crystal Fighters and The Vaccines among others) and on Sunday... well, Sunday was quite fun too. 

Anyway, see that picture on the left bottom? That was me at the star of the week. I was absolutely knackered!

Snapshots from my phone!

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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