146 - algarve; faro.

Hey! I've just found a minute to start writing a little summary of my trip to Algarve (as I didn't write any trip journal while I was there).

When we started to plan our trip we wanted to make sure that we were going to have the chance to visit different towns of Algarve. So, we ended up looking for the three biggest villages there and booking two nights in each one of them.

Our adventure started in Faro, which is a super quiet district of Algarve and its capital. We were there for one and a half days. We took a little boat that transported us to Ilha do Farol where we spent most of our time, we also walked around the town and ate tasty seafood.

Not my favourite place of Algarve but still interesting to visit. Less crowded than other places and less tourists which is good. It was nice to talk to locals!

credits: pictures taken and edited by maria.

First three pictures are from Faro (including the one above),  two last ones are from Praia do Sao Rafael (in Albufeira), but more about that later ; )

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