145 - hello, september.


My month of trips has officially ended, and what's more, tomorrow it's my first day at school (as a teacher though). I feel great, and rested and focus to start all over again. However, I know it's gonna be a tough year, so I need all my positive energy, but I think I'm ready for everything. 

Now, it's time to be active, keep running and doing yoga and being as happy as possible. I know, I sound extremely positive, and I know, I may be crying in a week time like there is no tomorrow, hahaha... nothing like my emotional ups and downs. 

Anyway, I managed to finish my next go pro video and my friend has been working on the Portugal photos, so they are coming soon.


credits: pictures from pinterest.

144 - berlin, go pro video.

And yes, this is the end of my Berlin entries. I don' have anything else to share, just this go pro video that summarises quite well what I have been doing. 

Fortunately for you, I'm just about to come back from my trip to Portugal, so more to come soon.

Hope everyone had a really good summer and if you didn't then start thinking how can you improve that for the next one, I already have a couple of ideas of where I may go.

Now I have to finally focus on working though, but I will definitely be around, so stay tunned.

xx. Mónica.

143 - berlin, day 7.

Day 7 

On my last day in Berlin, I decided to visit the Museum Island, I wasn't completely sure about where to enter. I was obviously interested in the Pergamon Museum, but when we got there, there was about 2 hour and half queue and I changed my mind immediately (the Pergamon Altar is being restored too), so I ended up visiting the new Pergamon Museum which was really interesting. The building is breathtaking and I had the chance to see the bust of Nefertiti.

Then I rented a bike a visited Tiergarten and the abandoned airport of Tempelhof. Riding a bike through Berlin is quite a fun experience that I really recommend, easy and quick.

Later, I went for a walk around the Mitte and had dinner at Warschauer. I wish I could have spent more time in these two last places, but I will keep them on mind for next visit.

credits: photos taken and edited by me.

142 - berlin, day 6.

Day 6 - In the morning I did the Berlin Unterwelten Tour where they took me to the WWII underground bunkers.

Then, I ran to other side of the city to join an alternative tour which was super interesting. They talked about the street art, graffitis, squats, multicultural neigbourhoods andwe finished at Kreuzberg and Yaam again where I join some of the other guys from the tour and have a beer. One of them also took us to a quite similar place where we drank again and he told us some funny stories about the city.

I had another walk along oranienstraße and then came back to Karl Marx Alle.

Didn't take any photos this day, so I will share some snapshots of other days ; )

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

141 - berlin, day 5.

Day 5

We took the train to Schlachtensee where we spent the morning swimming in the lake and eating a picnic. Schlachtensee is like Berlin's beach. There was such a good envinronment there.

In the afternoon we came back to Berlin city centre. I decided to take the afternoon off my family and visit the old jew neigbourhood all by myself. On my way to Kreuzberg I stopped at Yaam and had a Club Mate while talking with locals, then I kept walking towards oranienstraße, which is Kreuzberg's main street.

I had a look around and then walked to Alexanderplatz and later on to Karl Marx Alle.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

140 - soviet war memorial.

Some more pictures from the Soviet war memorial.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

139 - berlin, day 4, raw temple.

Day 4 - In the morning we first visited the Raw temple (I'm not pretty sure if that's the name of the actual place or just the name of one of the pubs there), then we took the public transport to Treptower Park to see the Soviet War Memorial and then came back home to eat some sushi. Later on, we visited saw the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and then had dinner until it was dark so we could revisit some the city most famous spots to see atmosphere at night time including the Sony Centre and Postdamer Platz, The Bradenburg Gate and Alexander Platz.

credits: photos taken and edited by me.

138 - berlin, day 3.

Day 3 - The plan was to travel to Leipzig, but I couldn't help but insisting on changing the plan to go back to Berlin and visit Mauerpark, where they organise a market, an outdoor karaoke and you can also find musicians and street artists every Sunday. So there is where we finally went. It was as good as I could imagine. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing and you could breath the real Berlin feeling. We spent some time there and then we visited Charlottenburg and we finished our day watching the sunset on the top of Teufelsberg's hill where we could have a look at Berlin's skyline.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

137 - berlin, day 2, night time.

Three more pictures of Dresden ; )

There was such a lovely view of the sunset from the bridge. I also went to an Irish pub (I still don't understand why...) to taste some irish beer. It was good anyway.

And then I went for a walk to have a look at night life in Dresden.

See you soon with more photos from Berlin, C-ya later alligators : )

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

136 - berlin, day 2, day time.

Day 2

We went on a road trip to Dresden.

Despite the hot weather we managed to visit the most interesting buildings of the city including: Frauenkirche, Fürstenzug, Brühlsche Terrasse and Residenzschloss among others (I'm getting so confused with all the german names).

We were very lucky because there was a concert beside the river and the environment was quite cool.

credits: photos taken and edited by me.

135 - berlin, day 1.

Berlin - Day 1
@ We started our trip in Berlin by leaving my brother's house in Karl Marx Alle. From there we went straight to the East Side Gallery to see the remaining parts of Berlin's Wall and took some pictures of the most iconic graffitis, then we visited Alexanderplatz (where we enjoyed lunch and some 1 litre beers at Hofbrauhaus!), The Berliner Dom (we paid to enter and enjoyed the views from the top, it was totally worth it), Gendarmenmarkt Platz, Checkpoint Charlie, The Topography of Terror gallery, Postdamer Platz and the Sony Centre, and last but not least, we went back to Karl Marx Alle to join the Beer Festival. We tried some strawberry, raspsberry and dark beer. It was an absolutely exhausting day but highly rewarding ; )

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.