123 - japan @ day 14 and 15.

This is the end of my trip guys! Hope you had enjoy all the pictures, videos and experiences as much as I did. One last go pro video with the best moments of the trip!

Day 14 @ Gifu - Nagoya

We started going from Shirotori to Gifu city centre. There we visited a pottery shop where I bought some wooden tea cups, tea spoons and another teapot (it was just so beautiful I couldn't help myself), and then we went to the sushi restaurant we visited our first day in Japan. I just love that place to the moon and back. Quick, cheap and delicious. Then, straight to the airport where we spent the night.

Day 15 @ Nagoya - Frankfurt - Madrid

Trip back to Madrid. An absolute nightmare. I watched the whole first season of True Detective and some Pretty Little Liars and Sex and the City episodes. The only good thing was seeing Mount Fuji from the air and the other snowy mountains. Now, back to Madrid and ready to study as hard as possible. 

credits: pictures taken and edited by me. Video taken and edited by me.

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  1. Great video! It really made me feel the special atmosphere. Thanks for your work.