122 - japan @ day 12 and 13.

Day 12 @ Tea ceremony and relaxing

We were exhausted from Mount Fuji trip and snowboarding, besides, it was snowing a lot. So we decided to take it easy and rest. In the morning, we visited some of my friend's relatives, enjoy some chai tea and had lunch. In the afternoon, we went to a tea ceremony house and obviously had some tea there. The ceremony was pretty difficult and tricky. Te ceremony masters practice about 10 years before they get the degree. Its madness. When we finished, we helped painting one room in the house we were staying in and called our flight agency to ask them how much they would charge us to take one snowboard to Spain in the plane... And guess what!? It was for free. So, I decided to take the light small one (which seems to suit me) home. 

Day 13 @ Packing, snowboarding and onsen

We packed all our things and prepared the luggage to post it to the airport (which is incredibly easy and cheap) and then we went snowboarding for the last time. The snow was absolutely amazing, it was so soft that falling didn't hurt at all. And then, we finished the day in an Onsen.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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