119 - japan @ day 10.

Day 10 @ From Tokyo to Gifu

During the morning, I walked around Shinjuku for a while and then I took the underground to Akihabara where I spent the whole morning. I bought a casio watch and I madly looked for a stick for my go pro (as my old one literally fell apart the day before). I was surprised because most of them didn't even know what a go pro was.  Finally, I found Yodobashi Cameras, that is a huuuuuge camera store, and bought a quite good stick. I am not a big fan of technology or manga so Akihabara wasn't my favourite place at all. At half one I took the train to Mishima again to meet my friends. Then we drove back home (it was at least 6 hours road trip, stopping in every service area, hahaha, such a nightmare). However, we drove next to the coast line and luckily for us the clouds were low covering half of the bamboo forest, so the landscape was amazing and mystic. 

Not many pictures today, but I will show you the GoPro video my Tokyo trip tomorrow!


credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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