118 - japan @ day 9 part 2.

I know I take pretty bad pictures at night time, hate it. / Se que hago fotos nocturnas malísimas, lo odio.

day 9 @ spontaneous trio to Tokyo, part 2.

Next stop was Shibuya. I managed ok to travel from place to place, I just asked a lot and I always found someone who was able to speak in english to help me. Shibuya was like postcard Tokyo. Full of people and big light advertisements. The amount of shops was overwhelming. I felt kind of lost there. I think I crossed the road about 10 times before finally deciding where to go next. 

I went inside some little shops, trying to avoid the usual ones (h&m, zara, blablabla). There were so many new and alternative designer shops, so cool. Then, I realized that there was probably a Free People shop in Tokyo and I did a little investigation through my mobile phone. There was one in Harajuku indeed, so I walked there following my gps, while I wandered through the crowded streets. I was surprised to see many many designer shops. They were huuuge and I would even say that there were even more than in the 5th Avenue in New York. I was so happy to finally visit a Free People shop for the first time, because they are my favourites.

Then I set off to Shinjuku. I walked about 5 kilometres before arriving to the hotel where I slept. The capsule hotel was good fun. One of the funniest experiences I've ever had while travelling. It was very clean and they provided me with pyjamas, slippers, plug adaptator, towels... Inside the capsule I had tv, plugs, mirror, radio, alarm clock and wifi. The toilets had shiseido beauty products, hair dryers, teeth brushes... Everything was perfectly well thought out. I paid 25€ for everything. My floor was just for women and there were either girls like me or business woman. The only thing that surprised me was that the capsule didn't have any door, just a curtain. So, you could hear everyone moving around the floor. But to be completely honest, I was so tired that I felt deeply sleep straight away.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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