121 - japan @ day 11.

Snowboarding snapshots

Day 11 @ Snowboarding at Dynaland  & Snow Park  and Kabuki theatre & Onsen

We were all confused in the morning about what to do. But, while we were having breakfast, we saw how beautiful the day was and we quickly made up our minds. Up the mountain again to snowboard, yay! This time we went to two different mountains (and once again we got free lift passes for both of them!). The runs were so good and the snow was soft and very nice. We had so much fun. We left at night time and went to an old Onsen which had a theatre to see a Kabuki show. To be honest, I didn't like it. It was very bizarre and the songs weren't good at all. Anyhow, when they finished, we enjoyed the hot natural pools and sauna, and then we went straight back home.

credits: photos edited by me.

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