113 - japan @ day 8, part I.

Day 8 @ Mount fuji.

We left at 7 am in the morning and drove to Mount Fuji. On our way, we stopped in different places to enjoy the scenery. We took some pictures in Lake Suwa. We were able to spot Mount Fuji from very far away as it was a sunny and clear day. It is an amazing huge, massive mountain (well, actually it is a volcano). It is something totally worth seeing it. It takes your breath away. When we were closer, we started stopping in different lakes to take pictures. Finally, we looked for the diamond spot at sunset time to try to take the best shot of the mountain. It was funny to see how many photographers were there waiting for the sun to come down. Next, we decided to go to an onsen to enjoy the wonderful water of Mount Fuji hot springs. At night time, we went to our hotel, which was very close to the volcano (we had amazing views from our room window). To finish our day, we enjoyed an eight courses Japanese posh dinner. Lots of little luxury bites displayed in beautiful plates. Genius presentation and delicious taste. But, if I'm totally honest, I was completely full up at course number 3, so I struggled a lot to finish all the food. But, all in all, it was an interesting experience. Later on, we enjoyed some piano live music in the lounge and after that, we went to rest for the next two days.


credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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