112 - japan @ day 7.

Day 7 @ Kuzuryu Lake

We woke up and we spend some time planning a spontaneous three days road trip to Kyoto (We were thinking about to Okinawa, but we changed our minds because of the weather). Then, we drove to Kuzuryu which was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I though I was in Canada for a while. Big lakes, massive trees and crazy snow. We stopped to see a few little shops and we finished in and Onsen. It was pretty small but they said the mineral water of that hot spring is particularly good. Because we were so overwhelmed due to the beautiful landscape, we decided to change the destiny of our next day trip. Instead of going to Kyoto which is a city, we booked another hotel for Mount Fuji and we cancelled the one in Kyoto. Then we went back home and do some yoga! My body felt so happy. I  was really missing some good stretching. Then some of my friend's relatives came and we had dinner. I spent most of the time messing around with a four year old cute japanese boy who couldn't stop playing with me despite we didn't understand a single word the other one was saying. Finally, I packed and got ready for next day adventure!

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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