111 - japan @ day 6.

Day 6 @ walk around Shirotori

I slept for at least 10 hours and woke up with muscle ache all over my half upper body (surprisingly I didn't have any muscle ache in my legs, that't the part of the body you use more when snowboarding). It was snowing quite a lot and as we were knackered, we decided to go for a two hours walk around Shirotori instead going up the mountains again. I took my big camera with me. We went back home for lunch and tea and then we talked about treating my friend's parents by making dinner, so we drove to the supermarket and bought everything we needed. The supermarket was quite fun as everything is different, I spent a lot time looking all the weird things I could find on the selfs (like green tea kit kat). Back at home, I prepared a cheese cake and then we learn how to write with japanese ink. We all chose our goal for the year and then we painted that symbol in a big piece of white paper. My friend's cousin came by, he works as a graphic designer in Osaka and loves anime, so he did a manga picture of me. Later on, we had dinner, drank sake and then we went to sleep.


credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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