110 - painful changes.

If I learnt something while I was leaving in Scotland, is that I don't want to spend my whole life worrying about my job and spending a miserable time at work. I just want to be as happy as possible and I do want an easy working life, so I can just focus on little pleasures during my free time. 

I do not want to earn lots of money and I do not want to work more than 40 hours a week and I definitely do not want my bosses to treat me as a slave. So, now, to have that easy peasy life that would allow me to be creative, spend time with children, travel on holidays and use my lovely second language, I need to study as there is no tomorrow for four months and if everything goes ok, I will get a job for the next school year and I will be able to enjoy summer. That is basically my life from now till' July! 

To be completely honest, I allow myself to rest every now and then... doing some exercise, going out during the weekends... but that didn't happen today, so that's what I'm in such a terrible mood. Anyway, tomorrow is Friday, yayyyy!

credits: big picture taken and edited by me, little pic from pinterest.

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