109 - japan @ day 5.

The pictures are not from this day but next one, but I am going to include half here and half in next post as I've already shared my snowboarding video and I took many many many pictures on the sixth day. Stay tunned!

Las fotos no son de este día, sino del siguiente, pero voy a poner la mitad en esta entrada y la mitad en la siguiente, ya que ya os he puesto el video de snowboard y además hice muchas muchas fotos el sexto día. Así que atentos!

Day 5 @ Snowboarding in White Pia and spa in Shirotori

Again we went snowboarding to the mountains. It snowed the night before so the runs where all full of powder snow. It was sunny and despite it was Saturday we didn't have to queue up to take the lifts. The scenery was just breathtaking. We end up being completely exhausted, so we went straight home, have a cup of tea (our whole body was hurting) and then we visited another hot spring. I could feel my skin going smoother already from all the mineral water baths and because of the natural salt scrubbing all over my body. No wonder Japanese people have such an amazing skin. We had dinner at home and we thought about booking a three days trip to Okinawa (but more about that later). 

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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