108 - japan @ day 4.

Day 4 @ Hachiman

Today we woke up and went to a little cafe to have japanese breakfast which includes thick butter toast (but very soft), yoghurt with strawberries, bananas, tea and mochi. Then we went to Hachiman. We stopped in a poetry museum and visited a tempo. In Hachiman, we went up the mountain to see the castle. The views were wonderful, we were able to see the whole city with all the rooftops covered with the snow. While we were driving we also saw some eagles flying. Then we walked along the river and did some shopping. I bought many many chopsticks, some presents for friends and family... and finally we went to a make up shop where I got some japanese masks, some shisheido lipsticks and other beauty treatment goodies (I bought an absurd amount of products, but everything is too good). I spent quite a lot of money but they will last for at least two years. We had sushi in a restaurant and went back home to do a face mask pack, rest and have dinner. 

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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