107 - japan @ day 3.

Day 3 @ Takayama

We went to Takayama. We visited the city, did a little shopping, ate more sushi and visited Matsuri mori museum where I had the chance to hit some enormous drums and see the golden portable theatres. Everyone in Japan is so cheerful, happy, polite and nice. It is unbelievable. Since the very first second they just took me as a part of the family. They all called me Monicachan and they've even given me presents. In the afternoon, we went to a second hand shop where I found a set of tea cups from a very famous tempo. Apparently they are very unique and they don't sell them, the monks usually give them as special presents. I've been so lucky to find them. I also got a beautiful wooden tea tray with little tea plates. When we were about to leave, we saw two unbelievably cheap snowboards, so as we all wanted to do snowboarding we decided to get them as they cost less than hiring even just one time. Takayama is so delicate and old style. It remembers me of the samurai movies. It was snowing so that made it even more beautiful. 

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

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