106 - japan @ go pro snowboarding.

Hey there! This is the GoPro with all the images from our Snowboarding trips in Japan! It is such a pity that youtube doesn't keep the good quality because in my computer it is absolutely great!

Day 2 @ Snowboarding in White Pia and spa in Shirotori

We woke up and decided to to snowboarding to one of the ski resorts in Gifu (there about ten different ones). We had free lift passes and we didn't rent boards or boots as my friend family has everything we needed it at home. The day was sunny and there was nobody in the mountain so it was absolutely perfect. I am not too bad at snowboarding but all my friends have been skiing since they were born and they have also been working in the rescue patrol when they were younger. Therefore they were all too good for me. But, I can go down quite fast and I don't fall too much, so they didn't need to wait for me. The only problem was that they made me go down very difficult and steep slopes, so I was a little bit concern about my safety hahaha, but I didn't complain at all and I managed to follow them everywhere. The views where so beautiful and the snow was as soft as powder! Just brilliant. When we finished snowboarding we went to the hot springs again. It feels so good after not stoping moving during the whole day to just stay inside the outdoor hot water swimming pool, resting and seeing all the beautiful snowy mountains. 

credits: pictures and edited by me.

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