103 - gifu.

Moshi moshi! I'm right now on my way to Japan. First, I am gonna stop in Frankfurt (just for two hours) and then I will fly to Nagoya. I'm going to spend 2 weeks there with one of my scottish flatmates who is from Japan. She has a house in the prefecture called Gifu (picture above). Apparently, there are over 10 different ski resorts and spas. We have planned to go snowboarding for at least 5 days and we want to visit the spas too. I don't think we are going to Tokyo though, but we will see. 

I haven't pre-programmed any entries for the next two weeks and I'm not bringing my computer with me. I may write some posts from my ipad but I will not do any proper entry until I'm back. Can't wait it's gonna be awesome! 

credits: google images.

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