105 - japan @ day 1.

Day 1 @ Madrid - Frankfurt - Nagoya - Gifu - Shirotori

I woke up at 5 am and my brother gave me a lift to the airport. Madrid - Frankfurt was my first flight and it took me 2 hours and a half to get there approximately. I stopped in Frankfurt for two hours and I met my japanese and scottish friends before catching our last flight. Frankfurt - Nagoya was about 12 hours. I though it was going to be a nightmare but actually it went quite quick. I watched two movies (Gone girl and The book of life) and one Pretty Little Liars episode. I ate some sushi and  drank bubbly drinks too. 

When we landed in Japan, we catched one hour train to Gifu. My friend's dad picked us up there and took us to eat some sushi. The restaurant was so interesting. There was a huge belt going next to all the customer's tables and sushi was on it, so you were able to take the plates you were going to eat. We ate soooo much and it was incredibly cheap. Fish quality was so good and there was also a tap in each table with hot water to prepare your own green tea. When we finished eating we took the highway to go up the mountain to the house where we were going to stay in a little town called Shirotori. 

The amount of snow was crazy. I totally freaked out. You can have a look at the pictures to see what I mean. It was about 1 hour drive before we arrived to my friend's house. The house was so Japanese. It was exactly like Doraemon's house. 

We left our luggage there and went straight to a tempo in the middle of the mountain to see the Muika Matsuri Festival in Gujo (Gifu). There was nearly 300 hundred people watching a performance and a hana-bai in which youths scramble to grab five big artificial flowers hung from the ceiling (6 meters in height) of the main hall of the shrine. You could see how traditional they are. The place was amazing... a huge old Japanese style tempo surrounded by snowy mountains and massive trees. Because everyone was local but my Scottish friend and me, some interviewers from different tv channels came to make us some questions. They also gave a little sake bottle because I managed to catch a rice cake (mochi). 

Gifu is also full of hot springs. So we decided to go to one of them, they are amazingly cheap (5 pounds each person or less). We enjoyed the hot outdoor mineral water swimming pools, the sauna and the steam rooms. Then we went back home, ate sushi and went to sleep (for the first time in 48 hours).

credits: pictures taken by me.

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