098 - dear scotland.

Sadly, this is my last Scottish Adventure entry. But you can see all my past ones [here].

Dear Scotland, 

It really seems like yesterday when I first came here to live a new experience away from home, and now after one year and a half, I’m finally going back. I still can't believe that it is over for me. It feels great to see all my family and friends again. And yet, a little part of me feels empty. You filled up my heart in a way I can't even express in words. 

Thank you to all the Scottish people for all the help provided, so I could feel at home. You have been very patience with me and definitely, the best thing has been the chance to meet many wonderful people, who are amazing and beautiful in their souls. 

To my flatmates (the permanent and the temporary ones, including all the visitors), It has been a blast to share this experience with you. Thank you for those happy/crazy/funny moments and all the experiences shared. I am going to miss all the crazy party nights (and days), all the dinners, lunches and breakfasts with you, and of course, all the pampering, movies, sushi, music, bubbly drinks and game evenings! We made such a great team and I can’t thank you enough for helping me grow even more, for your unique friendship and for all your support in every moment! You have a special place in my heart! Without you all, this won't have been the same. I couldn't have had better company at home! So, I will miss you so much! You now have a home and a family in Spain, whenever you wish to come. 
It's really hard to say good-bye, but then that means this was totally worthy! Scotland, you have all my heart! And I will miss you every second! Thank you for giving me so much. I love you and I will truly miss you! 

See you all soon!

*No traduzco, pero feliz navidad a todos!

credits: picture taken and edited by me.

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