097 - last days in scotland.

Hi there guys!

Everything is a little bit crazy at the moment. The truth is that I didn't realize how many things I had to do until I started doing them.

Packing and cleaning is taking me ages. Too many stuff and just two suitcases to bring with me. Soooo, I have been decluttering and tidying everything... and washing and ironing... and going to the bank... and saying goodbye to everyone little by little... and doing christmas shopping... and finally pampering myself!

I don't want to worry about anything when I go back home in two days, so that's why I'm doing everything I can now. And I'm almost ready to go now. I still have tons of pictures in my computer to show you, but hopefully that will happen soon.

Now, I have to finish some errands, go to the post office, go to my last yoga lesson (in edinburgh) and then I will have sushi with my flatmates. C youu! xx

credits: pinterest.

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