092 - what life is about.

My last two months in Scotland are being completely awesome. I haven't stop one second and I'm trying to do as much as I can, from visiting places to spending time with the people that I love. I am enjoying every single minute of it (oh yes, even at work). I'm feeling extremely happy and even though it is going to be hard to say goodbye, I've accepted that this is just a wonderful chapter of my life and there are more great things to happen. 

November is been absolutely crazy: halloween, my bday, london and now my friend Maria is here and we are going to spend some time together. First, we are going to stay at my place in Edinburgh for four days and then we are off to Bristol (and maybe somewhere else) until the end of the week. I am not gonna update, but no worries because I've prepared enough entries to keep you entertained. See u soon! xx M.

credits: picture from pinterest.

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