036 - christmas in edinburgh.

I came to Spain the 24th in the aftertoon, but until then I enjoyed my Christmas time in Edinburgh. Scottish celebrations were really good. The city center was full of stunning Christmas decorations and they also had lots of special markets, parties and events. I just wanted to share some pictures with you. In the first picture you can see some cakes and presents from my job. And in the pictures below you can see the Santa race! That was fun! I know the pictures are not really good, that is because I took them using my mobile phone. Don't worry because I used my camera too, unfortunately I left it in Edinburgh so I can't show you the photos until next week.

credits: pictures by me.

035 - where i need to be.

Hi guys !!

Just when I thought things were a little bit depressing here in Edinburgh, things turned to get better!

I was starting to hate my job, so I decided to send some cvs and guess what??! I already have a new job !! I'm so so so happy for that, I really needed it.

I start today (wish me luck) and I'm really excited.

Besides, Christmas has arrived to Edinburgh and the city looks so pretty. So, suddenly my life is not so grey.

Here I have some pictures for you, but I will probably show you more soon, because I'm still waiting for the snow to fall. I'm dying to take pictures of snowy Edinburgh. See you soon and have a nice week!


credits: picture with the quote found on pinterest, the rest were taken and edited by me.