034 - winter is coming.

Hi there!

This post is to tell you a wee bit about my life in Scotland (as you can see I'm learning new English vocabulary, hehe). I am still working with babies and toddlers. I'm not really happy about it, though. I've been thinking of getting a new job lately. So, I will probably focus my efforts on that by the moment. On the other hand, my personal life is a mess, I miss so much all my family and friends, and everything is quite complicated. So, I'm highly sensitive right now... Besides, winter is coming and at 4pm is completely dark outside and that's really depressing.

The good news is that I've been volunteering at the National Museum of Scotland during some special events at the weekends and that has been a very nice and rewarding experience!

Things could be much better in general, but I suppose they could be so much worse too... anyway: keep going no matter what. That's the philosophy!

credits: image made by me.

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  1. porque el mundo pertenece a quien se atreve! y nosotras podemos con ello !! ;)