132 - vacation mood.

After a longgggg, massive break... I'm back. I definitively needed some time for me, and I also have been doing a couple of changes over here, as you will have noticed.

As regards my professional life... I took the exam, I passed and even though I wasn't one of the best, looks like I will be working as a primary teacher next year which is really good news. On the other hand, because during the last few months, I have been so busy stuying, now I have this nasty horrible to-do-list, so that's what I've been trying to do since the exam day. Just multitasking and having as much fun as possible.

I had a little express trip to the seaside and maybe I will go down south next week to spend a few days before coming back for my next trip  : )  This summer is gonna be fun fun fun. Some snapshots of the past month of me partying, going to outdoor cinemas and messing around at the beach!

131 - alhambra.

Last pictures from Granada! Here you have the view of the wonderful Alhambra, such a pity I couldn't enter. 

credits: photos taken and edited by me.

129 - albayzin.

We didn't spend much time visiting places, we focused on taking it easy and having fun. But, we went for a walk one of the afternoons to see the most beautiful places. Here you have some photos of the Albayzin. 

Nothing much to add. I'm finding it particularly hard to study this week, my mind is completely away. I really need to wake up and start working harder than ever because there is just one month left. Anyway... c-ya!

credits: photos taken and edited by me.

128 - granada.

heeeey! I'm back from my weekend getaway. I had such a wonderful time there. I went to the beach, enjoyed the good weather, laughed non-stop with the girls and had some drinks. I didn't take too many pictures and the ones I took are not very good anyway (something went wrong with the focus).

credits: pics taken and edited by me.

127 - don't date a girl who travels.

Best video I've seen in a looong loooong time. "David Joseph Falossi uses a collection of film clips from around the web, to gracefully execute the reverse-psychological thinking behind dating female travelers (because we all know that female travelers are some of the coolest around). " - Source: matadornetwork.com

credits: youtube.com

125 - snowboarding season pt. 1.

Hey guys! Here you have a little recap of my snowboarding season (Japan + Madrid), and nowww, never again until next winter (already looking forward to it). Tomorrow, I'll show you some more. Byee!

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

124 - snowboarding in madrid go pro video.

Quick quick break of studying to share this video with you. I went a couple of times up the mountain in Madrid and this is the result. I'm going out and sleeping at my friends' tonight so I'd better do some work before I go. Enjoy your weekend!

credits: video filmed and edited by me.

123 - japan @ day 14 and 15.

This is the end of my trip guys! Hope you had enjoy all the pictures, videos and experiences as much as I did. One last go pro video with the best moments of the trip!

Day 14 @ Gifu - Nagoya

We started going from Shirotori to Gifu city centre. There we visited a pottery shop where I bought some wooden tea cups, tea spoons and another teapot (it was just so beautiful I couldn't help myself), and then we went to the sushi restaurant we visited our first day in Japan. I just love that place to the moon and back. Quick, cheap and delicious. Then, straight to the airport where we spent the night.

Day 15 @ Nagoya - Frankfurt - Madrid

Trip back to Madrid. An absolute nightmare. I watched the whole first season of True Detective and some Pretty Little Liars and Sex and the City episodes. The only good thing was seeing Mount Fuji from the air and the other snowy mountains. Now, back to Madrid and ready to study as hard as possible. 

credits: pictures taken and edited by me. Video taken and edited by me.