187 - happy weekends.


This past weekend I had the chance to enjoy (this is actually the second time in the last 4 months) Foals in a live concert in Madrid. It was quite fun and I could also listened to Everything Everything which is one of my latest music discoveries.

I have also been planning future trips. I am going to Brussels and Amsterdam in Easter, Berlin in summer and I will also road trip around Iceland too (but more on that later)!

You can't even imagine how excited I am about all this. I think I've booked about six flight tickets over the last week. And now it is time to start looking for information on the internet and start putting everything together.

Finally, this weekend I am going to Formigal to do some snowboarding, if the weather it's not too bad. But they say it is going to be absolutely horrible, so let's see what happens... Besides, I've been watching the X-games so now I'm super motivated about going down the slopes again ; )

Anyway, I hope to have some content to share with you over the next week. See you then, xoxo.

186 - exciting future ahead.

These three first weeks of work have been completely insane. I had to prepare so many things I almost didn't have time for anything. I have also been taking some quiet time for myself. Trying to exercise quite a lot, reading more, watching Fargo and finally playing uke again!

I also have some exciting future plans. This year it's gonna be super good fun. So, stay tunned! xx.

Some snapshots I took in January.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

185 - toledo, madrid and segovia snapshots.

As I've already written, I have been visiting Madrid and different cities around Madrid because some Scottish friends came to visit. The funny thing is that it was my first time seeing some of the places and didn't remember almost any of them. Here you have some snapshots (all done through my phone) of La Almudena, El Palacio Real, The Three Wise Men parade and fireworks in Cibeles, Toledo, Segovia and Madrid.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

184 - segovia, part 2.

Last ones from Segovia. I will not be doing much until February (there no more long weekends...), but I will try to find myself some enjoyment around Madrid until then and I may take my big camera with me sometimes. January is always my movie month, I always try to watch every single movie of the year before the Oscars ceremony. My kind of fun. On the other hand, I'm planning a little trip to the mountain and I have a couple of tickets for upcoming concerts in Madrid. But I will tell you more about that later. Enjoy your weekend. xx.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

183 - segovia, part 1.

It was a long time since I didn't visit Segovia. It felt nice to see the snowy mountains in the horizont, I can't wait to go and have some fun with board. But that will hopefully happen soon ; ) I will show you some more photos on my next entry. Have a nice day!

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

182 - la granja de san ildefonso.

And here I am again. I have been pretty busy since the new year. I had people coming over to my house from Scotland and I've been trying to be the most awesome guide ever. It has been too exhausting, though. I also started working and this is probably the first moment I have to edit pictures and write a wee bit. Anyhow, these are some pictures from La Granja de San Ildefonso in Segovia, Spain. It is quite close to my home and this was my first time visiting it. I think I will definitely come back in summer when all the fountains are working. The weather was gloomy, so the light wasn't too good for taking pictures, but here you have them anyway, enjoy and see you soon : )

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

181 - new year's resolutions.

How unsatisfying it is to be someone you are not. This is probably one of the most interesting things I've realised over the last couple of years.  That's why each January is the perfect time to better yourself or to become more yourself in some way. Let's stick to the traditions and make a little exercise of self-reflection. What aspects of my life could I change in order to be happier?

1. Less multitasking and more focusing on just one thing: My attention span has become shorter and shorter… I often find myself doing three different things at the same time... like for example looking at three different screens at once, and of course, as a result, I don't truly drown in anything and I don't get anything done quickly, not to mention all the things that I miss around. Therefore, I am ready to  say goodbye to those days.

 2. Less judgment and more acceptance: I can't help myself but sound rather judgemental towards others. I tend to judge people when my desires or expectations aren’t met which is quite unfair. I need to remember that I cannot possibly know the whole story, and I promise trying my criticism to stop. Live and let live and direct my thoughts towards positive feelings.

3. Less social media and more reading: I really love to observe what others are doing around me, and it is quite scary how people can't get their noses away from their screens. As for me, checking social media is costing me more time that it should, which makes it more and more difficult to do things that I really love doing (as for example, reading). It is true that I try to avoid using the phone when I'm out but still... I think I could reduce the time I'm online even more (and yes, that includes using whatsapp...).

So these are my new year resolutions! Have you thought about yours?

credits: picture taken from interest.

180 - dcode, 15'.

Lost archives from Dcode. 

credits: youtube.com

179 - '015 summary.

Once again we are approaching the end of the year and it is time to look back and think about everything we have been through during the last 12 months. Mine have been quite interesting indeed.

The biggest change for me happened when I decided to leave my tedious job in Scotland in order to come back to Spain to take the big exam to become a primary teacher in a public school. I can't say it was easy, but it was probably one of the wisest decisions of my life. Now, I am loving my job and enjoying almost every minute of it.

Not just my professional life has changed, but also my personal life. I won't say I haven't made any poor choices over the last year, but of course, I have dealt with the consequences of them (not that I had any other option though, hehe). I want to think that first, they have made me learn from different new situations for me, and second, that I have focus my energy on moving on. Let's try not to forget that experience will develop our judgment to a point where more and more of our decisions will be right. To sum up, and all I want to write here, is that I'm finishing the year under much happier circumstances than it started.

Last but not least, I took every little moment I have to travel. I have flown to Japan, Germany, Portugal and France and I have also been visiting different places in Spain (Salamanca more than once, Granada, Valencia, Malaga, Toledo and La Rioja). I also got the opportunity to go snowboarding in both Japan and Madrid and enjoyed a little music festival where I could listened to the Vaccines, Crystals Figthers, Foals and Circa Waves.

Feeling happier than ever, I am more than ready to say goodbye to this wonderful 2015 and embrace the new year with a wide smile on my face.


178 - toulouse, go pro video.

Last content from France! Such a lovely and nice trip to disconnect from all my everyday duties. Now I can start thinking about my next destination!

credits: video shot and edited  by me.